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                                                                                                                -By Subbu Addanki

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Dedicating this book to the people who can’t see this beautiful world with their eyes. Donations can be made at : Sightsavers | Protecting sight and fighting for disability rights 

About This Book

Learn how to create your tools to speed up your workflow with the power of Python Scripting. With the help of this guide, you can create your own tools in just 3 weeks. I will share my industry secrets and strategies, which I’ve used to create tools that have saved thousands of hours of production time. My tools have been downloaded over 10K times. 

If you are a CG Artist who has never written a line of code in your life, this book is the best place to start learning how to code for VFX. I wish I had this book when I first started learning python. 

By the end of this book, you will have hands-on experience writing 10+ tools and 10+ mini python modules (step by step instructions, and video tutorials included).

I believe that learning python scripting principles using real-life situations as examples of coding scenarios makes learning easier. The goal of this book is to allow any CG Artist, able to understand and remember the programming principles for a lifetime.  In my experience of previously teaching a Python course in person, when we approach learning this way we interactively connect on an emotional level with the information, so it’s easy to understand and learn new things quickly.

So let’s get started! 

Chapters In Brief !!
Table Of Contents

To Python

One can say that parents are our first programmers who taught us about programming concepts like Lists and Functions etc. At some point in our childhood, they taught us how to do some household work on our own.

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Maya Script Editor

For small tests and all, Maya native script editors work fine. But when you guys are going to write a big chunk of code, Using Maya script editor is not a good idea. I suggest the usage of external editors / interpreters like ActiveState, Eclipse & PyCharm, Etc.

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When we create a sphere from UI in Maya, we can find following command in the history of script editor:
Mel Version of the command :

polySphere -r 1 -sx 20 -sy 20 -ax 0 1 0 -cuv 2 -ch 1;

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Let’s consider this example..
All of us are using mobile phones. We have seen many cases here like when we do a financial transaction, we immediately get a message on our mobile screen that a particular transaction has been done. 

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During the Corona pandemic times (2020-2022), Many of us worked from home (WFH). During this time at least some of us might have tried something new in the kitchen like making Tea or some tasty dish etc. Variable is a name that refers to a memory location and is used to contain a value. When we query/run this variable, it can return what it contains...

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One can say that parents are our first programmers who taught us about programming concepts like Lists. At some point in our childhood, they taught us how to do some household work, like preparing a list of items to purchase, on our own...

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Book Contents
About This Book
(01) Introducton
(02) Maya Script Editor
(03) Syntax - Mel & Python
Strings (04)
Variables (05)
Lists (06)
Dictionaries (07)
Operators (08)
Conditional Statements (09)
Loop Statements (10)
Functions (11)
Modules (12)
Classes (13)
Exceptions (14)
Regular Expressions (15)
Metaclass Programming (16)
Python 2.0-to-3.0 (17)
Practical Tools (18)
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