As_Node_v2.0 (1.95 Mb)

asNode_v2.0 -- A Node Based Auto Rigging In Maya

as_SmoothNearest.rar (1.4 Mb)

Purpose: It is compiled only for Maya 2012, 13, 14 and 2015 as_SmoothNearest is the advance feature of Hyper Skinning System. Its a magic tool in hyper skinning system . The more you use it, The more you will become smarter ..

Installation: Copy 'as_SmoothNearestMain.pyc' to the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\maya\2014\scripts

as_SmoothNearest Commands: (Save it as a button)

from as_SmoothNearestMain import * 
def as_SmoothNearest(): 

Testing: Run the above code from python tab in script editor Select any pointed skinned vertex, Run above commands Use this command from shelf button only. And then just use short key 'g' again and again and See the magic..


as_AnimArcEditor v1.5 (21 Kb)

Purpose of Script: Animator can edit animation in 3d view by creating the arc in the same path of animated control & update the animation later by adjusting that arc. Right now, It works only on Maya 2014 Animated control's translation & rotation attributes should be unlocked. Watch tutorial here : --> Tutorials --> Maya Python --> ANIMATION : ARC TRACKER & EDITOR (TUTORIAL) It supports Maya 2015, 2014 & 2011


as_CaseStudy : v0.9 (3 Kb)

Case Study : A node analyser for Maya 2012. Suppose you downloaded a scene file with curtain simulation. To study any node like 'nucluesCurtain'(nCloth node) used for curtain simulation in a file, Create one more nucleus node with name 'nucleusDefault' for some 'pPlane1'. Enter these details in window and run the script and see the results in script editor


as_DefaultNames : v1.5 (13 Kb)

Run the script and find default names in your scene. So that you can rename them. Its a pipeline tool. With this, one can make sure that all nodes in his scene are properly named.


as_MultiConstrain : v1.0 (3 Kb)

Use this script to apply multiple constraints on driven objects from driver object at a time. Currently it works on Maya 2012 only. Watch tutorial here : --> Tutorials --> Maya Python --> SKIN CONTROLS AND MULTI CONSTRAINTS (TUTORIAL)