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as_HyperSkin (Advance Hyper Skinning System) : A Skinning Automation Tool

The critical part in any skinning is Division Of Regions according to Joints. Hyper Skinning can divide the skinning regions easily and Its weighting system is unique in its nature.. Even hyper skinning has joint level control with attributes 'blendMethod' and 'blendValue'. It's hyper smooth and as_SmoothNearest options are unbeatable. After Hyper Skinning, only maya skinCluster remains. No need of additional deformers. Hyper Skinning uses Maya's default 'Smooth Bind' option. After hyper skinning rig is as light as earlier with updated skinning. And its unique algorithm, preserves volume at different regions like elbows and shoulders..

Its dream for many artists to see next phase in automation for skinning process

Now Hyper Skinning System comes with Advance feature : Solve Fingers (Additional treatment for fingers' skinning)

It is the only system it shows the automation process in skinning in video form on Internet..

Its unique in its nature to deliver best results like volume preservation at various areas on character.

Now it becomes more powerful with its advance features.. Solve Fingers & Smooth Nearest


I have utilized the Great Dane model in this presentation which is downloaded from

Special Thanks to Chris Baker for such a awesome model. It suits my requirement in this presentation..


For Details Contact At:  or

ADVANCED HYPER SKINNING SYSTEM -Save your time in Skinning..






F e a t u r e s


1. Volume Preservation at shoulders, hips & elbow like areas

2. Reduces Most Of The Skinning Process

3. Works On All Rigs (Biped, Bird, Quad, Snake etc.)

4. Works On Selected Vertices

5. Advance Feature : Solving Joints For Fingers / Toes

6. Advance Feature : Smooth Nearest Vertices (as_SmoothNearest)

7. Hyper Smooth : Automated Smooth Process

8. Auto Creation of 'Geo Centric Discs' including their shapes 

9. Tight Integration With Auto Rigs (as_EasyBird, as_EasyRig, as_EasyQuad etc.)

10. Works On Non-Manifold Geometry Also

11. Disposable Discs after usage, So No Extra burden to the Rig..


Watch Other Hyper Skin Videos:
1. Hyper Skinning System -v1.0
2. Hyper Skinning System -v0.4 
3. Skinning Transfer
4. Snake Rigging Tool Kit



     It Automates Skinning Process In Maya by combination of Art & Technic


  1. Volume Preservation At Shoulders & Hips
  2. Reduces Most Of The Skinning Time
  3. Works On All Rigs (Biped, Bird, Quadruped etc.)
  4. Works On All Selected Vertices
  5. Resume Default Skinning On Selected Vertices At Any Time
  6. Start Hyper Skinning From Default Skin At Any Time
  7. Hyper Smooth - Automated Smooth Process
  8. Auto Creation of 'Geo Centric Meshes' and their usage.
  9. Tight Integration With Auto Rigs (as_EasyRig, as_EasyBird, as_EasyInsect  & as_EasyQuad etc.)
  10. Works Based On Bones But Not Joints

Work In Progress

  1. Skin Correction Tool for various poses
  2. Special Tools to get better feel at elbow & Knee areas
  3. Addition of Skin Transfer to HSS.
  4. Hyper Skinning On Quadruped


Python Scripting : Auto Bird Rigging

Auto Bird Rigging In Maya -By Subbu Addanki from Subbu Addanki on Vimeo.

Modular Rigging System: Auto Bird Rigging
------------------------------- -----------------------
Bird Rig Automation With Python Scripting Using Curves for joint locations.
This 'Module Rigging Package' involves 6 individual scripts as detailed below:

1. eRig ( Maya Module ) :
--> Helps to reduce typing of coding up to 60% for main scripts like as_EasyBird
--> It consists 50 attrs like snapTo_Vtx, createCurv etc. It is module for maya programming.
-->You can watch one of the many functions of 'eRig' here: eRig_UnfreezeRotation

2. eCtrl ( Maya Module ) -- It creates 50 different controls for any auto rig

3. as_EasyBird -- Its for main auto rigging of bird

4. as_WingFeather -- It rigs feathers so intelligently.

5. as_AutoAnim -- Creates various options from one fly cycle

6. as_MirrorBirdAnim -- It mirrors one side anim to another side

7. as_HyperSkin -- Watch here : Auto Skinning On Bird



Auto Bird Rigging in Hai Haiga Movie


as_EasyBird (Part 01): Analysis On Bird Wings & Feathers 


as_EasyBird (Part 02): Bird Setup Guide



A Priyanka Wadwani's Show-Reel : Auto Bird Rigging