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Creating Systems & Tools
for artists over a decade now

Python Scripting - Hand Book For VFX Artists


About This Book

Learn Python Scripting From Real Life Examples

Learn how to create your own tools to speed up your workflow with the power of Python Scripting.

With the help of this guide, you can create your own tools in just 3 weeks. I shared my industry secrets, strategies I used to create tools that saved thousands of hours of production time. My tools got downloaded over 10K+ times on creative crash. If you are a CG Artist, who never wrote a line of code in your life this book is the best place to start learning how to code for VFX. I wish I had this book, when I first started. By the end of this book, you will have hands on experience writing 15+ tools and 10+ mini python modules (step by step instructions, and video tutorials included)

Coming Soon .. In 2022

Subbu Addanki
Pipeline TD & Lead Rigger

Lead Rigger having experience in Scripting & Tools Development, for over 14 years in Animation & VFX industry. Having strong programming knowledge in Python, Maya Python API, C++ & MEL, currently working as Pipeline TD, Bangalore (WFH)

Provided various high quality rigs and developed many rigging and pipeline tools like Hyper Skinning System and Hyper Rigging tools for biped, quad, snake, bird and insects etc. And many other tools for Pipeline requirements


To contribute to the growth of the animation & VFX industry success through the efficient use of previous experience and skills.

Youtube Channel, which includes nearly 100 videos on all my personal rigging & Pipeline tools

Vimeo Channel, which includes nearly 100 videos on all my personal rigging & Pipeline tools

Learning python?
Here goes some Resources..

Python On Vimeo

**Dedicated Python Channel

Python On Facebook

**Python Scripting On FB Page

Python On Linked-In

**Get connected with Python Professionals

Auto Rigging Junky

**Automate Any & Everything

Official Python Site

**All Documentation Goes Here

Python Inside Maya

**Maya Vs Python Discussion

Python Mind Maps

**Python Maps -Easy To Read

More On Python

**From Chad Vernon's Blog

Tutorials Point -Python

**More Python Tutorials Here

Life is short -You need Python

**Yes Life Is Short, Hurry ..

Mel Wiki

**Maya (mel / Python / API etc)

Python With Eclipse

**Python With Eclipse Editor

Python tutorials

** More python tutorials here ..

Character Auto Rig System

Complete Auto Rig System
To provide the Automated Solutions, where 
Speed, Quality & Consistency are main factors
And Artist can focus on creative work rather than technical issues.

Final is never final in the VFX / Animation Industry.
To bring completeness to Rigging Automation may not be always possible as technology evaluation happens continually
'A Journey towards completeness in automation'
drives me to look at all possible options
'To develop Complete Rigging & Pipeline solutions'

Coming Soon..
as_HyperRig 2.0

Pride in Numbers


Years of Experience


Tools / Utils




Videos On Vimeo


Lines Of Code






Tools Developed

 during personal time.

  • as_EasyRig – Biped Auto Rigging

  • as_EasySnake – Auto Snake Rigging

  • as_EasyBird – Auto Bird Rigging

  • as_EasyQuad – Auto Quad Rigging

  • as_EasyInsect – Auto Insect Rigging

  • as_GeoCache – Geo Cache Tool

  • as_DeformEasy – Cluster Based Tool

  • as_EasyPicker – Auto Picker Designer

  • as_EasyExp – Auto Mouth Rigger

  • as_HyperPoint – Auto Joints Placer

  • as_StretchEasy – For stretch and squash

  • as_AutoAnim - Auto Cyclic Animation

  • as_MultiConstrain & as_MultiConnect

  • as_AssetLib – Asset library

  • as_HyperRig – Advanced Modular Auto Rigging System

  • as_FaceExp – Facial Auto Rigging

  • as_HyperSkin – For Auto Skinning

  • as_ModEditor – A Modular Tool Editor

  • as_PickWalker & as_RightClick – For Pick Walk Selection & IK-FK Snapping

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