I just thought of sharing my first bird rig which I did around 6 years before .. 



You CAN:

  • You can use this crow rig for practise and educational purposes.

  • You can use this crow rig to show your work in your demo reel, portfolio, on your website, etc.

You CAN'T:

  • You can't use this crow rig or any part of it for commercial purpose, like short films, movies or any content with financial gain.

  • You can't use this crow rig without giving the appropriate credits for "Subbu Addanki" in your works. You must put the credits into the video or the description.

  • You can't use the character rig to create any violent, racist or  immoral content.
    Subbu Addanki won't be responsible for the content made with the character.

  • You can't assign licenses or sub-licenses for this character rig or any part of it.

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